New Home Subdivisions

Visit the sites below and shop for a NEW HOME!

BE AWARE when going to a New Home Subdivision and "Signing In" or "Registering".  By doing so, you limit your right to having Representation as a Buyer. New Home Sales Agents represent the Builder, NOT YOU.  Let your Buyers Agent Register you.

Why do you need representation?  A Buyers Agent is not going to get in the way of the Builder who is the
expert in building homes.  They will be there to help you with negotiations, contracts and can be a second set of eyes
and ears as you navigate through the different phases of construction.  It is always best to have someone who is looking out for you ONLY.


Talking Rock Ranch

American Ranch

Prescott Lakes

Overlook at the Dells

Catherdral Point at the Dells


Prescott Valley

Mingus West


Pronghorn Ranch