Tracey Sands

                  Choosing the perfect Realtor is not an easy task.  There are hundreds of us and we all promise that we can give you the best service.  We can all show houses and write up contracts. 

However, if WE were hiring an Agent, there are qualities that would be very important to us.  We would want to know that:

* they have our best interest in mind
*we can trust them to tell us the truth
*they can help us make the tough decisions

*they were trained well enough to help us avoid making mistakes 
*they were someone that we would enjoy spending a lot of time with  

We specialize in helping people with changes in their lives.  Whether it is moving to another city or starting your new life in Prescott, we want to help you make that transition smoothly.  

We have a good understanding of how to determine the value of properties, we understand the importance of good customer service and are negotiating experts.  I hope you will contact us and let us explain how helping people make big life transitions is our mission.                                                      

If you are planning to visit Prescott, give us a call and receive a 
SPECIAL RATE at the Hampton Inn or the Holiday Inn Express!





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